Sound Invasion is a programme offered by Wells of SouthGate that aims to equip and train viewers in the prophetic ministry, breaking barriers through worship, pursuing God’s presence and discovering His love. It is hosted by Dr Rebecca Bennett, Pst. Crispin Bennett and Angela Broussard. 

This trio functions in the prophetic, intercession and teaching, among many other offices, and strives to educate believers and equip them with the necessary tools to not only discover who they truly are, but to become acquainted with prophetic declarations and worship.

CRISPIN BENNETT is a worshipper, pastor and teacher operating in the prophetic of the five-fold ministry. 

REBECCA BENNETT is an entrepreneur and author, who “passionately trains and equips people to function at their highest and best through her five-fold apostolic mantling”.

ANGELA BROUSSARD functions in the ministry as a teacher and prophetic intercessor, helping people mature in their gifting and authority in Christ.