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With Past. Vincent Piedt

Past. Vincent Piedt

“In the future when your descendants ask their fathers, what do these stones mean? Tell them… Joshua 4:21. Today I have a better understanding why I have been so captivated by this scripture over the years. As a youngster at high school who just got saved, I always knew that I will one day be in the teaching profession which is the very reason I set my heart on becoming a woodwork teacher. Together with his wife Regina he leads the worldwide mission work since 1993. David Maasbach, son of Johan and Wilhelmina Maasbach, is the President of the Johan Maasbach World Mission (JMWM). Together with his wife Regina he leads the worldwide mission work since 1993.

This would give me the freedom of being hands-on teacher rather than being on the academic side. This dream got further strengthened by an elderly man of God who continuously ministered to me about Nehemiah, the physical, hands-on restorer of the ruins in Jerusalem.

After being accepted at a tertiary institution, this dream got scattered due to family financial constraints.

Forced to enter the commercial automotive industry I spend many years in the lonely world of computer programming with my childhood dream completely forgotten. When I got the opportunity to become a business owner this childhood dream resurfaced and I quickly I discovered my passion for teaching is very much alive. For the next few years I spend many hours interacting with our employees strengthening them to foster strong family relationships.

During April 2008, the Lord led our family to join Amazing Grace Ministries. A year later my wife and I joined Amazing Grace Academy where we obtained our Bachelor’s degree in Theology. I then continued obtaining my Pastoral ordination. During 2012 I join the Bible Academy as a lecturer. Today I have so much appreciation for The Lord hand in my life over the years. His unique way of using the secular world to not only moulding and shaping myself but also my marriage of 36 years as part of His preparation plan for my ministry of today. The biggest lesson I had to learn was – I have given you the gift to teach others, but are you teachable yourself. My teaching approach remain Jesus’ total dependency on His Father whilst He taught the people during His earthly ministry.

Joshua 4:21 continually reminds me to go beyond my classroom hour as this verse calls on each one of us to ensure that we leave memorials behind which serves as a continual reminder that God is a God of generations. What I do today must have a lasting effect on generations to come. Not only do I teach but also living the Nehemiah ministry by assisting individuals having their relationship with God restored in order to have sound earthly relationships.

Together with my wife, Sandra we have the privilege of pastoring Amazing Grace Ministries Strand on behalf of our senior Pastor, Dr Gerhard Kotze. Since 2009 Dr Kotze served as my mentor and teacher not only preparing me for the ministry but couching me into the fulltime ministry. His mentoring in my life is paying off on a daily basis as I not only have the opportunity to live out my passion but more than that in my pastoral capacity I have the opportunity assisting our people how to apply what we teach from God’s Word in their daily lives thus assisting them to grow towards spiritual maturity.