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Apostle Denver Scheepers

Apostle Denver Scheepers

Apostle Denver Scheepers lead pastor of Manifested Glory Ministries and is married to Pastor Cheryl Scheepers. Together they have three children and are a close knit family.

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Apostle Denver believe that Revival is essential to empower the greater church to prepare the way for the Return Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. To this end he has studied past revivals in order to have a sense of what Revival is and how it operates.

There is many prophecies over the past hundred years about a Great Revival that will start in Cape Town and spread to the entire World.

Our weekly prayer states that Cape Town must be saved, and we receive 10 Million Bibles for 10 Million Souls. This is our way in Prayer to pull in this Great Revival in Cape Town. Revival is when God comes on the scene and moves Sovereignly on the earth. I believe with all my being that the Most Marvelous hour of the Church of Christ is just around the corner, Amen.

Come and join me in Bible Study with Manifestations on the God Experience broadcast. My wife and I also present the Marriage Experience radio broadcast where we build strong marriage covenants.