As a high schooler, newly saved, Pastor Vincent Piedt always knew that he would one day be a teacher. This was why he had set his heart on becoming a woodwork teacher. “This would give me the freedom of being practical and physical, rather than focusing solely on the academic side of teaching”, he says.

Joshua 4:21-22, has captivated Pastor Vincent. “In the future when your descendents ask their parents, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground’. This scripture was continuously reminds him to go beyond the classroom hour, and reckons that it calls each one of us to to ensure that we leave behind memorials that serve as continual reminders that God is a God of generations to come. This is how himself and his wife, Pastor Sandra, have lived, and continue to make a great impact through Amazing Grace Academy as lecturers, and as lead pastors of AGM Strand, on behalf of their senior Pastors, Dr Gerhard and Karin Kotze. 

Pastor Vincent’s In Die Woord programme breaks down the Word and teaches viewers to think a bit deeper – with the guidance of Holy Spirit – on what The Word of God says.